H. Hentsch Asset Management team includes experienced specialists in Private Banking and Finance, with multi-language knowledge including English, French, German, Norwegian, Spanish and Portuguese.

Young spirited with long family history, H. Hentsch Asset Management is an open and dynamic team ready to offer ultra personalized services with a fresh eye on today’s world possibilities.

Henri Hentsch

Being the descendant of a well known family linked with Swiss Private Banking for more than eight generations, Henri Hentsch has inherited values and human network that he has kept enriching and enlarging over the years, being recognized as a performing and dedicated senior portfolio manager.

Alain Dubois

With more than 25 years experience in banking and finance in Geneva, Alain Dubois holds the tools to get a bank/finance company going. From legal, tax, accounting, trading, to banking process and operations, Alain Dubois masters the diverse complexity that hides behind a financial structure.

Frédéric Mentha

Frédéric Mentha spent 25 years in Private Banking with prestigious institutions and developed a wide expertise in portfolio management, advisory and trading activities. Frédéric Mentha dedicated his entire career to serve a high net worth international clientele with a strong focus in Hispanic and Latin American countries.